Heritage Trees Data

If you’re interested in working with the City of Portland’s heritage tree data, here’s yet another option.

The City released the data as part of Civic Apps project, and Max Ogden imported it into PDXAPI.

From there, I pulled JSON for all of the details, and imported it into Core Data so I could query it locally on the iPhone. This zip file (111k) contains the data in JSON and SQLite/Core Data formats, as well as the Core Data model files I used to import it into my Xcode projects.

I’d love to hear about any thing you make with it.

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2 Responses to Heritage Trees Data

  1. Amber Case says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic app! I’d love for you to meet @trisimon and hack on this further! Great to meet you at WhereCamp, and congrats on your CivicApps success!

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